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As disciples, we value life-long learning. Provided through Ambassador College of Christian Ministry and Grace Communion Seminary, GCI offers a range of educational resources for edification, encouragement, formation in Christ and equipping for service.

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GCI Today Archive

GCI Today was designed to express and celebrate GCI's mission of living and sharing the gospel".

The publication is now discontinued, but it's digital archive can be accessed by clicking below.

Celebration Service 2022 - Greg Williams
- Australasian Celebration Weekend Service - Greg Williams (Sunday)
Celebration 2022 - Randall Bourchier
- Australasian Celebration Weekend 2022 -Randall Bourchier (MIssional Activities - Love Avenue)
Celebration 2022 - Bob Regazzoli
- Australasian Celebration Weekend 2022 - Bob Regazzoli (Faith Avenue)
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Mar 5, 2021 – Life sends us plenty of stress. If we let it, stress can control our every minute. But we don’t have to let it. We can all take a moment to breathe… to reflect… to rest.
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Oct 13, 2014 – God’s will is that all people be part of the one “tribe” or family. That we all be valued, loved, included and cared for. That we all play our unique and valuable parts, and grow in our desire and capacity to do so.
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Jul 30, 2012 – At this time of the year Christians celebrate what Karl Barth has called “the mystery and miracle of Christmas” – the incarnation – the birth of Jesus as a baby.