Women's Ministry


Hello dear friends,

Welcome to our Grace Communion International Women’s Ministry page.

Already the second quarter of the year is well and truly underway. As I write, everywhere in Australia has been able to safely lift many of the restrictions we have had to live with in the last year. The season is changing and autumn is in the air...albeit a wet autumn here on the east coast. Praying that the farmers can get the rain they need in all this wet weather.

When we did our First Ladies Get Together on Zoom some time back, it was a treat to see so many of you...even if the computer did keep us much too socially distanced. Many expressed after that evening an interest in doing it again. The thought at the moment is to schedule another one somewhere near Pentecost which gives us time to ask for ideas from you. What would you like to see in the program? devotionals? discussion topic ideas? more sharing time? fun stuff? Is there music you can contribute? Those of you who have become Zoom experts, do you have any tips on the capabilities of Zoom you’ve found that might make the experience better for all? We are open to ideas and much welcome your input. You can email your suggestions to womens_ministry@gci.org.au

It is for us all such a blessing to be women of God, to celebrate the friendship between us as we encourage each other in our life’s journey. Each of you is a piece of the larger puzzle only the Lord can see, but a very necessary piece in the beautiful family portrait he is painting... never doubt that you are important to Jesus and he knows you inside out and loves you deeply.

God bless and keep you til we meet again, whether on Zoom or face to face!

-Ruth Matthews