Staff application for GCI Regional SEP 2022

Staff application for GCI Regional SEP 2022
As staff members, we have the opportunity to create an environment in which teenagers from a variety of backgrounds can experience God's love, share their stories in a safe place, and deepen friendships, all while having an awesome time.

Applications to serve as staff at GCI SEP QLD 2022 are now open

If you’re reading this, you may have already experienced SEP as a camper or even as staff. You might already know what an amazing and life changing experience camp can be. Serving as staff is a very special form of service, a chance to serve teenagers in our communities. So if you love God, our church, and want to be connected with other dedicated staff and young people from around South East Queensland (and the country!) this is for you! 

As staff members, we have the opportunity to create an environment in which teenagers from a variety of backgrounds can experience God's love, share their stories in a safe place, and deepen friendships, all while having an awesome time.

If you're willing to come on this adventure of serving and giving at Regional SEP 2022, please read the below information before applying. We really appreciate your prayers as we bring the team together for different roles, and your understanding that we may not be able to accept everyone who applies.

In 2022, we are beginning our transition into Regional camps - in accordance with GCI President, Greg Williams', vision for our church. Our focus as a church is shifting towards reaching out into the local communities we are already living in, and creating opportunities to serve them and build relationships that can be invested in weekly (or more often!) and not just once every two years. This will mean we will be prioritising Queenslanders already engaged in local congregations for staff roles – just as at SEP 2022, Victorians in their congregations will be prioritised. Our hope is to have Regional camps all over Australia, and in the meantime, we will gladly accept interstate and international staff for some roles.

In our efforts to make SEP self-funding and sustainable, we will be reducing the number of staff roles needed (see list of staff roles below). We will be asking every staff member to pay for their accommodation, activities, and meals which will be $460 per person. However, please do not let cost be an obstacle to applying. We would encourage you to get in touch with your pastor and work with your congregation to help fundraise for your staff fee (maybe you could help organise a trivia night or a bushdance!).  

We are aware that many more people will apply for staff than we have roles for – as such we will be running a GCIgnite (18-30 years old) alongside SEP (details below). If you are not accepted as staff, you will have the opportunity to attend GCIgnite, which will involve some overlap with camper and staff activities. You will also be expected to complete Child Safety training, and will be given some responsibilities at SEP (such as lead an activity, be in the worship band, etc). Alternatively, if you are a first-time applicant, you may be asked to be in the Junior Staff program (details below). Thank you for your understanding of these changes. We are, as always, fully committed to giving teenagers a place of fun, belonging, and Christ’s love as well as challenging, growing, and loving our young adults (and young at heart adults!) wanting to serve our youth. Please have a look at the staff roles available and instructions on how to apply.

Now that you know that you want to serve at SEP 2022, in what capacity do you want to serve?

Please consider the role(s) in which your strengths might best serve the teenagers at SEP. We try to accommodate people’s preferences but ask for your understanding as not everyone can always have their first choice. The information below can give you an idea of what the various roles involve, have a read and consider what role(s) might suit your strengths and passion. The number of staff needed for some roles will change depending on camper numbers.

Please note; the numbers in brackets are the number of roles available, and the camp is catered so we will not need kitchen staff in 2022.

Roles needed:

Dorm Leaders (4-8) - DLs have one of the most challenging but rewarding roles at camp. Their roles require them to keep campers alive, on time, and handle many aspects for dorm life. While that might sound daunting, they also have an awesome opportunity to share their faith and lives with their dorm, as well as support and encourage their dorm through all of camps activities. DLs will also be responsible for supporting each other through the wild ride that is SEP.

Junior Staff (4+)next to DLs, Junior Staff have the most interaction with campers. JS will spend most of their time with the dorm assisting DLs and encouraging the campers. Each day, JS will have a dedicated training session, equipping them for serving in church and youth ministry. JS will also be expected to take part in a training day prior to camp as well as plan the final banquet and banquet activities. 

Dorm Chappies (2)Chappies are responsible for assisting with the teaching and spiritual wellbeing of the dorm. They lead the daily discussions and participate in follow-up discussion at the evening dorm meetings. Prayer for their DLs and campers is also a major focus of this role. Chappies are encouraged to spend as much time as they are able with the dorm, supporting the DLs and creating relationships with the campers.

Dance Staff (2-3)A treasured aspect of SEP Australia is our dance classes and evening dances. You don’t have to be professional! Just able to explain and teach the dances to campers and have the patience to work with them. Also involves working with sound equipment and creating playlists for dances.

Activities Staff/Lifeguards (2+)These may include... Capture the Flag, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Softball, Touch Football, Water polo, Water games, Trivia, Singing/Worship, Card Making and other activities with staff expertise. Our campsite also has a pool and beach access so staff with a bronze medallion or lifesaving qualifications are preferred.

Media/Admin (2-3)Can include photography, filming, creating slide shows or video. This role may involve some involvement post-SEP to develop SEP update materials for the wider church. The admin aspect of the role: assists with handling inquiries during camp from parents, adherence to Child Safety Protocols, incident reporting, monitoring the camp phone, and various other tasks that allow SEP to run smoothly. Super Organisers! 

Nurse/Admin (1) - Keeps track of the campers' medication, first aid supplies and administers first aid. The nurse will be assisting the camp admins in down time.

Worship (1-2) - Puts together a worship team and organises daily worship. May also be involved in worship classes with dorms and assist them in preparing their own camper-run worship session.

Other Important Roles - Kitchen Hall Monitoring, Security, Transport. These roles are usually performed in conjunction with another area of service.  

Mini Campers -Due to the costs associated, we are aiming to not have any mini-campers at SEP 2022. If you have no option but to bring your child/children to camp we will be asking for full payment of $460 for each mini camper attending camp with you (under 2s are free). Alternatively, you may have your child/children dropped off to be with you during the day and they will only incur catering costs. Please note that they will be your sole responsibility as we will have no mini-camp staff. If you are considering bringing your child/children, please email us upon applying

GCIgnite Our young adult camp GCIgnite will be running in conjunction with SEP; this means that some daily activities such as worship, meals, and night activities will include everyone on campus, and GCIgnite campers will also have separate discussions and activities. These young adult campers will be expected to complete Child Safety training. Young adults attending GCIgnite may also be asked to fill some small staff roles and assist staff in running activities. Registration for GCIgnite is open. 

If you need further information please email 
Click the 'register myself' button to begin the application. Please fill in and submit the online form no later than May 31st, 2021.

(For the 'register myself' button to appear to begin the application process you need to login in with your GCI/ACCM account, or if you don't have one, you'll need to create an account. Most will already have an account and your username and password can be recovered using the forgot password or username links, If you have any difficulties recovering your username or password please email

On acceptance

You will be notified by June 30th, 2021 if you have been accepted.

Staff will need to complete:

  • GCI's volunteer induction, acceptance of GCI policies including agreement with GCI's code of ethics for volunteers and code of conduct
  • Complete Child-safe training online (1-2 hours). Training needs to be renewed every 3 years (if you were staff in at SEP 2020, you will not need to renew).
  • A staff handbook quiz
  • Participate in any role related meetings and training prior to camp



Information disclosed in this application will be used solely to administer applicant's attendance. Sensitive information, such as personal health details, will be disclosed only to Camp leaders and, in the event of an emergency, to medical practitioners.



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