Ways to participate

  • Visit one of our churches to share our journey with Jesus.
  • Get involved in the ministries of the church.
  • Attend one of our upcomming events.
  • Make a donation to financially support what we are doing to share the gospel.


Our ministry, vision and mission are not our own, but participation in the ministry of the Father, Son and Spirit. We seek cooperation with what the Father and Son are doing in the Spirit, as they graciously invite and equip us to do. We continue to explore the practical theological depths, of what it means to be "In Christ", recognising that everything in life is "I, yet not I, but Christ in me", and this finds expression in every aspect of our lives together.

We remain committed to developing a culture which is an expression of spiritual communion - the formation of spiritual communion and the sharing of spiritual communion. Communion is relationship: sharing participating in the life of the triune God - and celebrating and sharing our fellowship with one another, and all mankind. Our faith-sharing focus is inclusive, prayerfully sharing that life of God with others, as God himself makes possible.



The donations and offerings we receive from church members, associate members, donors and supporters are greatly appreciated. Your partnership in the work we seek to do for our Great God is valued. The encouragement and practical support that comes from financial donations and prayers is a great blessing.