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Child Safe and Incident Reporting

Working with Children Check

Working with Children checks are required for everyone employed or volunteering for the church that has “direct contact” with children. This check must be issued from the state that you reside in.
Please note: from 1 August 2017 the definition of "direct contact" within the legislation has been updated - see here for details.

Select your state to be redirected to the right information.


If you have organised your Working with Children Check (WWCC) with another organisation you will need to link the church Grace Communion International with your WWCC.

Annual Agreements

Annual Agreements for Volunteers/Pastoral Team members and Pastors/Elders can be found by clicking here.


There are various reporting requirements, including mandatory reporting specified for each state.

This section relates to incident reporting to the organisation. (GCI).

If you have access to the Safety Management Online system, use this for incident reporting. This is for all employees and volunteers working with children. It is also our ChildSafe Training Site.

Use the GCI Incident reporting site if you do not have access to the above Safety Management Online system. Select 'Help Topic' Incident Reporting.