GCI SEP 2020

SEP is about “fun, friends, and faith” – and a whole lot more. It’s hard to describe the amazing value SEP has been to so many of our young people over the years

SEP provides a uniquely wonderful blend of encouragement, support, acceptance, challenge, activity and learning. It is a place where positive friendships can be formed in fellowship with one another, with the campers and staff, in the fellowship we share in Jesus Christ. These lasting relationships strengthen our national bond of connections and communion.

SEP is an amazing community where the love of God can be experienced, and the transformative power of learning our identity in Christ can be understood. Where grace and peace and the fruit of the Spirit are part of daily life; where play, fun, friendship and activity are part of the rhythm of worship, discussion, learning. But this wonderful SEP community does not exist or develop in a vacuum. It exists within the life of the broader community that is our church fellowship.

Our church has provided SEP as a key part of our youth ministry because of the incredible value it is to our youth, and to all involved. It is a marvellous environment to teach the “things that really matter” (Philippians 1), the things of God.

SEP 2020 Photos

GCI SEP 2020

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