There are four main video programs.

  • Every Friday, there’s a new edition of Speaking of Life, a three-minute program giving a biblical perspective on how we live in the light of God’s love.
  • Every other week, there’s a new edition of You’re Included, in which we interview various guests about how theology affects daily life.
  • Twice a week, we offer a short excerpt from one of the You're Included programs; you will find a list of those at www.gci.org/oqt.
  • On an occasional basis, we offer GCI Together: an interview with one of the personnel in our denomination, and
  • We offer Word From Our Sponsor, a series of messages from the Bible.

There are a few additional videos, too. You may watch, listen, or in some cases, read a transcript. We hope that all of these help you know that your life is also included in our Savior, Jesus Christ.


GCI Together

Speaking Of Life

Video interviews with people in Grace Communion International - those who work at the headquarters office in Glendora, California, and those who work in other nations.
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Dr. Joseph Tkach, president of Grace Communion International, comments each week, giving a biblical perspective on how we live in the light of God's love. Most programs are about three minutes long – available in video, audio, and text.
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You're Included

A Word from our Sponsor

Dr. J. Michael Feazell interviews Trinitarian theologians about the good news that God loves you, wants you, and includes you in Jesus Christ. Most programs are about 28 minutes long.
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A series of messages based on the Bible. 15 to 50 minutes long.
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One Quick Thought

GCI Reflections

Here are short excerpts from the interview program, You're Included.
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Through the eyes of GCI members, GCI Reflections explores a wide variety of topics related to the Christian life.
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Other Videos

We have a few other video programs that didn't fit in any of the above categories. We think you'll find them helpful.
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