ACCM Worship Course - Melbourne 2019

All welcome!

By exploring the rich biblical view of worship, this course equips students to more fully comprehend and enter into a life of worship! A life that fully participates in the life, worship and mission of Jesus Christ.

Location:                   Pembroke Primary School, Lawson Road, Mooroolbark

Date:                          April 13th and 14th, 2019. Arrive 9.45am - the Course runs 10am to 5pm both days.

Who should attend: Ministry, ministry leaders, members, youth, anyone interested in worship! The course is open to anyone who wants to more fully understand and enter into a life of worship in Jesus Christ. Enjoy interactive learning in a context of warm fellowship and friendship. We would love to see as many share this learning experience as possible. Randall Bourchier is facilitating the course.

Fee:                            Credit: $150, Audit: $100.

The weekend course is a special occasion to share learning together, as well as fun and friendship.
Lunch and snack breaks will be arranged. Don’t let the cost be an obstacle. ACCM offers reduced rates, sponsorships and scholarships for those who need them (e.g. students, pensioners, etc). Please contact your pastor, or Ruth Castledine, or the Registrar.

Anyone needing assistance sourcing local accommodation/billets, or transportation from the airport, please contact Ruth Castledine at 
We would appreciate your emailed "intention to attend" for anyone who would prefer to pay their enrolment fee close to the deadline (this can be emailed to 
Last day to register is April 6th, 2019.

We’d love to see you there!

ACCM operates in 35 countries, and is the minimum standard educational qualification for people entering ministry in GCI around the world. It offers a unifying and clarifying equipping program for ministry, ministry leaders, and members across our denomination.
ACCM sponsors and scholarships students in many countries, some among the poorest in the world.
The course is part of the ACCM Diploma in Ministry.