Interviews online

While in the USA for the International and MD conference, John McLean interviewed Greg Williams (CAD, USA), Kalengule and Nsama Kaoma (Africa), Charles Fleming (Caribbean) and Gary Moore (Canada). You might enjoy getting to know them, and thus be better informed as we support and pray for one another around the world. We truly are an international family, and the fellowship and relationships we share nationally and internationally are a great blessing. Greg talks about the upcoming office move to North Carolina, and about the role of ACCM in training our pastors. I asked KK (as he is known) and Nsama about some of the challenges they face in Africa, and their greatest needs. KK and Nsama identified training and developing their pastoral leaders as top of their (very long) list of needs. ACCM is able to play a vital role in helping with this need in Africa. So heartfelt thanks to you all who have supported ACCM, as we are now able to directly assist in training present and future GCI pastors in Africa. 

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