We have congregations in most major cities across Australia. They are friendly places where people know each other well and encourage one another in their Christian walk. You are more than welcome to visit, and if you like, to regularly fellowship with us. May you be enfolded in the love of God, the grace of Jesus and the communion of the Spirit, wherever you participate in the Body of Christ around the world.


Our Australian churches form part of an international Christian denomination which has about 50,000 members, worshiping in about 900 churches in almost 100 nations around the globe. You can find more information about our churches by nation/region here. The links below represent congregations in our Australian (and PNG and Solomon Islands) region, which are coordinated by John McLean. 


Congregation List

This link provides contact list information for our Australian congregations. You can search by State or Territory in Australia which provides a list of congregations based on your selection and once you know the name of a particular congregation you can obtain contact details for a given church by selecting the congregation by name.
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Local Church Websites

Features links to Australian congregations with their own websites.
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Our news of Living and Sharing the Gospel as we enjoy life together. News is an important part of our fellowship, sharing our stories and experiences as we connect with and support our local communities individual and collectively while expressing the love of God in and through us inspirers others. We know good theology is about living – about enjoying life in all its fullness, lets share and celebrate together the spiritual blessings we have in our gracious God.

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Living and Sharing the Gospel, how can you help?
Share your news, help others by sharing stories and experiences, use our new form to share your congregational news.


Our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA is the base of our international Congregation. This websites shares our story, highlights our churches and offers resources for discipling people of all ages, developing existing churches and planting new churches, along with an array of wonderful resource of video presentations and articles.
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Our flexible learning platform provides practical, quality training in Christian ministry and a valuable source of informative and stimulating Christian studies through both credit and audit programs. We equip men and women for more effective and informed service in the work of the gospel. Ours is a highly practical, how-to-do-ministry program..
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