The Eyes of Jesus

By Tammy Tkach

When Mary looked into the eyes of baby Jesus, she saw God looking back at her.

As the Samaritan woman handed him a drink, she looked into his eyes and saw overflowing grace.

For the widow whose son was brought back to life and restored to her, the look in Jesus’ eyes was full of compassion.

His eyes held mercy for the woman whose daughter was plagued by demons.

Jesus’ eyes looked out at the crowds, understanding their hunger and their need of a savior.

His eyes were filled with tears as he looked out over Jerusalem, longing to gather them as a hen does her chicks.

As he watched the guards roll dice for his cloak, he saw their ignorance and his eyes filled with forgiveness.

His eyes closed in death as he said, “It is finished,” and gave his spirit back to his Father.

As he spoke with Mary in the garden, his identity was hidden to her, but when he looked in her eyes, she knew him and saw his love.

On the road to Emmaus, the disciples took the cooked fish from his hands and saw in his eyes how much he cared.

His eyes today are filled with the same love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness as they were so many years ago. He has eyes that have seen the beginning of the world; eyes that steeled as he planned his eventual coming to earth as one of us and knew what he would have to suffer.

The eyes of Jesus look on all for whom he died with the ancient and ageless sovereignty over eternity – eyes that see the suffering of the human race and shine with eagerness to see his brothers and sisters join him in life everlasting.

The eyes of Jesus twinkle with warmth and love. They are as irresistible as his invitation to give our burdens and cares to him. As we look in his eyes, we see no condemnation, no judging and no recrimination for anything we’ve done. We can look in his eyes without fear, guilt or shame because those eyes see into our hearts and know us.

The eyes of the One who holds the keys of death and the grave are like flames of fire, lighting up the universe with his majesty and holiness. They hold the promise of our future, in perfect relationship with him, his Father and the Spirit.

The eyes of Jesus are on us, for us and filled with us, the apple of his eye. May we always look back at him with eyes filled with adoration, love and worship.