A Lineage of Grace

Francine Rivers

I had never read anything classified as ‘Christian fiction’ before. In fact, I always skipped over those pages in the Koorong catalogue convinced they were cheesy or corny or both (honestly, those book covers do nothing to change perceptions!)

But this year, a very dear friend of mine gave me the Francine Rivers book, ‘A lineage of grace’. And I will be forever grateful.

Francine Rivers breathes new life into the stories of five women in the bible. Five faithful, real and unlikely women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary – all chosen by God to achieve his perfect plan, despite their failures and limitations.

I was deeply encouraged by these works of historical fiction, which are based solidly on biblical fact. Most importantly they drew me back to the source of all truth, the bible. And with new eyes I now read the stories of how an extraordinary God embraced and blessed these ordinary women; the very same God who wants to embrace you and me.

A brief study section is included after each story for personal or group use.

Submitted by Leah McLean