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Contribution/Offering donation »

The donations, contributions and offerings we receive from church members, associate members, donors and supporters are greatly appreciated. Your partnership in the work we seek to do for our Great God is valued.

Youth Ministry donation page »

Your financial support is very much appreciated, and is so important in building our regional youth programs. Our youth activities would not be possible without the generous support received from our church community.

Our regional SEP's are an amazing, positive, life changing experience for teens, creating an environment of belonging and acceptance where the unconditional love of God is learned and expressed. Please help support the development and growth of our next generation!

National Office support »

We are grateful for the resources provided by our gracious God, and strive to uphold the highest standards of fiscal responsibility as an expression of Christian stewardship and faith. Financial contributions through the generosity of our members, supporters and affiliates support the church’s various ministries and mission endeavours.  Our congregations are bound together in one denominational and organisational entity, governed by a National Board and administered by the Superintendent Australasia together fund the national office with 25% of their donations. The Superintendent Australasia and national office team supervise, serve, support and administer the national fellowship reducing the work load on our fellowship by centralising the governance, legal and legislative requirements of the entity.

The national office supports local congregations in Living and Sharing the Gospel   Your partnership in the work we seek to do for our Great God is valued.

We have a range of donation options available to assist you in contributing to the church. The encouragement and practical support that comes from financial donations and prayers is a great blessing.

Through the years, many people have left a lasting legacy to the church's work by including the church in their Will. The impact that this can have by providing ongoing support cannot be overstated, and we are grateful to all those who include the church as a beneficiary of their estate.
Bequest Information

GCI Mission

“Living and sharing the gospel.” That’s our mission statement. And it’s a good one, capturing both the content and the approach to mission.

GCI Next »

Growing and developing the church involves investing in people – especially in the future leadership to ensure our mission of bringing the light and love of Christ into communities is ongoing and sustainable.

Training and development with an emphasis on missional living is vital as we aim to provide new leaders with the opportunity to undertake studies in:

  • ACCM – Ambassador College of Christian Ministry;
  • GCS – Grace Communion Seminary;
  • GCIgnite events;
  • Emerging Leaders training;
  • Youth Development

Growing and developing churches is also taking place in:

  • Papua New Guinea  -  through equipping the local pastors and emerging leaders, annual pastoral visits and ongoing communications.
  • Solomon Islands  -  equipping pastors, leaders and emerging leaders through annual visits and ongoing communications

GCI African Pastor's Basket »

Kalengule Kaoma (KK) in Africa has started a Pastor's Basket Project to help our volunteer pastors. KK said "Some are very poor, and their church are unable to pay them anything. So we give them a small amount of money to invest - some have invested it in growing vegetables, for example. As they draw an income from their investments projects, they the repay the money they were given and its passed on to others who need it." Read more


ACCM Sponsorship »

As Andrew Purves says, the goal of all Christian education is communion. That is our goal too: at ACCM, we are committed to the role of quality theological education and training in the development and growth of healthy communion. We see ACCM as part of loving God with all our “minds”, as well as our hearts and souls, developing individuals, congregations, and our denomination and beyond. The good news of the gospel contributes to the common good of all humanity. As James Torrance writes, we are together participating in the Father’s mission to the Son through the Spirit, the creation and sharing of communion.  The ACCM Sponsorship fund helps the church provide training opportunities for cohorts  in places like the Caribbean, Africa, and the Philippines. Help us fulfil our goal by helping others to share in the journey, and in our communion in Christ.  Read more