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As disciples, we value life-long learning. Provided through Ambassador College of Christian Ministry and Grace Communion Seminary, GCI offers a range of educational resources for edification, encouragement, formation in Christ and equipping for service.

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GCI Today Archive

GCI Today was designed to express and celebrate GCI's mission of living and sharing the gospel".

The publication is now discontinued, but it's digital archive can be accessed by clicking below.

Celebration Service 2022 - Greg Williams
- Australasian Celebration Weekend Service - Greg Williams (Sunday)
Celebration 2022 - Bharat Naker
- Australasian Celebration Weekend 2022 - Bharat Naker (Hope Avenue) including Larry Parane
Celebration 2022 - Bob Regazzoli
- Australasian Celebration Weekend 2022 - Bob Regazzoli (Faith Avenue)
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Apr 7, 2023 – Daniel Kish grew up totally blind, but that didn't slow him down
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Apr 7, 2023 – Through Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension back to the Father, Jesus continues the Father’s mission on earth – in us, and through us.
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Dec 4, 2013 – Everyone likes to receive a gift. There’s the anticipation, curiosity, excitement, and thrill of discovery. Sometimes there’s even urgency about opening the gift and seeing what it is. Then there’s the special joy and delight that someone has thought