Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.

As a volunteer you are governed by the policies and procedures of Grace Communion International Ltd and are making this statement of personal commitment and agree to the code of ethics detailed below:

Statement of personal commitment 

The statement of personal commitment is to be agreed by volunteers and for those that are volunteering for Grace Communion International (GCI), this agreement will be annually renewed.

I agree to volunteering with GCI and understand that I am accountable to the senior pastor of my area, or designated leader of an event or activity being conducted by GCI.

As applicable, I will fulfil my role, giving priority to the safety and wellbeing of children, and I will encourage others to do the same. My words and actions will reflect Christian values and principles, both publicly and privately, and will be in line with the requirements of legislation. I will work as part of a team, and be accountable for my own actions. I will ask for help, guidance and support when I need it. I will respond to concerns, incidents, accidents, and suspicion or knowledge of abuse in a timely and appropriate way which is in line with the church's Systems for handling concerns, outlined in ChildSafe policy.

I will contribute to the unity of GCI's fellowship by respecting the doctrinal summary and Statement of Beliefs within the fellowship of Grace Communion International.

Code of Ethics preamble 

The Code of Ethics is designed to edify the body of Christ. We pray it will be embraced by all those serving the church in congregation/s, administrative responsibilities, and those volunteering. The code is intended to be a living document that helps shape our character as we constantly seek to make it better reflect Christ’s will for us as elders, members and volunteers in his church. Ethics provides a framework for how people make decisions and judgments and how we act on them. Decision making for the Christian is ethical when it is firmly grounded in the Word of God and led by the Holy Spirit, for it is only in these that we find a basis for understanding the will of God.

As church leaders and volunteers, we must submit ourselves to the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the application of ethical principles of Scripture. Our Christian conduct must be based on the life and teachings of Jesus, the teachings of biblical writers and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The New Testament calls for the highest standard of reputation, ethics and conduct.

As Christian leaders, we recognise that Jesus Christ lives in us through the Holy Spirit. We ask him to change us so that the reality of his resurrected life is evident in our thoughts and actions.

Therefore, as members and or volunteers in the body of Christ, we must endeavour to conduct our lives according to the spirit of the ethical guidelines and principles set forth in this Code of Ethics.

Responsibility to God

Knowing that Jesus Christ is the living Head of the church,  I will strive to conduct myself in a manner that brings glory to him.

This means, I will strive to:

  • be a responsible servant of God
  • exercise faithful stewardship in my devotional life through the use of spiritual disciplines, the gifts of the Spirit and acts of service.
  • exercise faithful stewardship of financial, physical and intellectual resources.
  • accept accountability for all my actions and avoid situations that could reflect negatively on the name of Jesus Christ.
  • maintain sexual purity.
  • exercise Christ’s servant leadership
Responsibility to Grace Communion International

As Members and or volunteers of Grace Communion International (GCI) 

  • I will contribute to the unity of our fellowship by respecting GCI’s doctrinal summary and Statement of Beliefs within the fellowship.
  • I will not endorse any doctrines contrary to the official GCI Statements of Beliefs.
  • I will not share disagreements with GCI doctrine or policy statements.
  • I understand that it is unethical to cause division in GCI congregations, associated GCI events or activities.

Responsibility to the Greater Body of Christ

Members and volunteers of Grace Communion International are a part of the greater Christian community.

This means I will strive to:

  • avoid soliciting members from other church fellowships. 
  • seek to work in harmony with other Christian leaders and programs to strengthen the body of Christ and advance the kingdom of God.

Responsibility to the Local Community

The local church is an integral part of the society in which it resides. An active, appropriate role in the community serves as a Christian example of love and is a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This means I will strive to:
  • be a responsible member of my community.
  • accept reasonable responsibilities for community service, recognising this is a function of my public ministry.
  • encourage the involvement of the congregation in appropriate community events.
  • comply with the laws of my government as long as they do not conflict with God’s laws.
  • take care not to allow political issues to create polarizations within the congregation.