Our ministry, vison and mission are not our own, but participation in the ministry of the Father, Son and Spirit. We seek cooperation with what the Father and Son are doing in the Spirit, as they graciously invite and equip us to do. We continue to explore the practical theological depths, of what it means to be "In Christ", recognising that everything in life is "I, yet not I, but Christ in me", and this finds expression in every aspect of our lives together.

We remain committed to developing a culture which is an expression of spiritual communion - the formation of spiritual communion and the sharing of spiritual communion. Communion is relationship: sharing participating in the life of the triune God - and celebrating and sharing our fellowship with one another, and all mankind. Our faith-sharing focus is inclusive, prayerfully sharing that life of God with others, as God himself makes possible.

Our Ministries include:


The national youth of Grace Communion International use "Living and Sharing the Gospel with Children, Teens, and Young Adults by glorifying God through real relationships that connect, support, equips and encourages them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ." as their mission statement.

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Women's Ministry

Women's ministry is all about supporting, encouraging and connecting with other women, developing our strengths and gifts, learning and growing to be more like Christ, and sharing his love for all.
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What is Women's Ministry?

The Women's Ministry of Grace Comminion International provides opportunities for women to fulfill their calling to share in the Great Commission Christ gave to his church. Through service to others, support from other Christian women and through important social contact, women's ministry enables women to establish and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop in godly maturity and share the message of Jesus Christ with the world.
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Food For Thought

Enjoy the latest articles by Tammy Tkach, overall Women's Ministry Support Co-ordinator, or some other articles relevant to women of all ages and circumstances in life. Perhaps you are interested in some book suggestions - some of our avid readers have given us some recommendations for favourite books. We hope you enjoy finding something worthwhile and interesting to contemplate.
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Bible Verse Of The Day

The overall coordinator for GCI Women’s Ministry is Tammy Tkach. Tammy has a thoughtful and encouraging daily blog based on a scripture a day. Please take a look, and perhaps sign up yourself to receive her message daily in your email box
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Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery provides a wonderful visual reminder of sharing our time together at womens ministry conference, events and activities.
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Our Worship Calendar

Grace Communion International offers an inclusive worship calendar that provides opportunities to celebrate many aspects of salvation in Christ. We do not require any particular day for weekly worship, nor for annual worship celebrations. Each congregation, led by its pastoral team, advisory council and worship leaders, with divine guidance, may decide which days are most appropriate for the culture and local circumstances.
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