Member Services

The member services area has been provided for church members, associate members and the church youth.  While our website is one medium for providing our public face to the world, it is also designed to provide additional information for the members of our church community. This is done by granting specific access to those areas designed to assist you as a member with church related information and to assist you in any roles and services that you may perform as an employee or as a volunteer of the church.

Access to the member services area requires a sign in (a username and password unique to you). Existing members of the church will already have a record in our database and have been granted access to appropiate areas of the site. If you have not had or used a log in before, you can use the create account from the log in link and it will check the exisitance of your account and a username can be sent to your recorded email address. Once you have you're user name you can use the forgot password link to reset your password.

If you have any difficultes please email the office helpdesk for assistance.

Our site allows:

  • Members to update their own profile, providing up-to-date database information. Updates can be made to residential & postal addresses, phone numbers and email address details.
  • Pastoral team members and those that are provided with appropriate security access will be able to search local congregation membership listings in their care, enabling Pastors and Pastoral team members to better serve the local church community.
  • Members will be able to join online interest communities and access operational forms and policies and proceedures information. Where requested, local church communities can be set up, fostering collaboration and featuring community news, discussion forums, blogs and file library archives. Members of local church communities can subscribe to and receive notifications of changes made to that community with personalised notification levels to suit their needs.
  • Volunteers of the church can access operational forms, policies and proceedures along with risk management information for working as a volunteer for the church, incident reporting and child safe protocols.
  • Online donations can be made quickly and easily. All donations are securely processed in real-time.
  • Register for events (where enabled) including conferences and festivals, youth camps including ACCM weekend learning events.

Important Note

Members please remember your login provides access to a growing list resources and enables interactions with the site in a very personal way. Due to privacy laws concerns some news items and video items are restricted to membership of our church community and will require authenticated access with a membership status of member, associate member or church youth. 


Facebook and LinkedIn

When a user first signs in to iMIS with a Facebook or LinkedIn account, certain information is conveniently copied into their iMIS account.

Info Copied to an Existing iMIS Account Info Copied to a New iMIS Account
  • Gender
  • Facebook or LinkedIn profile link is set in the Social Profile List Creator content item (if not already defined)
  • Profile picture (if the user chooses to use the picture in iMIS)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
    • Email address is used as the iMIS username
  • Gender (Facebook only)
  • Facebook or LinkedIn profile link is set in the Social Profile List Creator content item
  • Profile picture (if the user chooses to use the picture in iMIS)