African Pastors' Basket

At the recent International Mission Developers (MD) Conference,  Kalengule Kaoma (KK), representing eastern and western parts of Africa, talked about working with youth camps and with youth and children’s ministries to identify potential new pastoral leaders. Kalengule also told about his Pastor’s Basket project where he gives volunteer or partially compensated pastors seed money to invest in helping sustain their families. Some grow vegetables, others bake bread or other products to sell. KK also names the training, education and development of African pastors as his number one need across the vast continent.

John McLean (MD) interviewed  Kalengule Kaoma after the conference:

JMc: Tell us about the Pastors' Basket Project you have implemented?

KK: We have started the Pastor’s Basket Project to help our volunteer pastors. Some are very poor, and their church is unable to pay them anything. So we give them a small amount of money to invest – some have invested it in growing vegetables, for example. As they draw an income from their investment projects, they then repay the money they were given and it is passed on to others who need it.

JMc: So it’s a form of micro-finance for volunteer pastors in Africa?

KK: Yes, that’s exactly what it is.

JMc: Delightful to chat with you, as always.

KK: Please ask the Australian brethren to continue to pray for us, for the Pastor’s Basket Project, and for the education and development of our young and current leaders. And thank the Australian churches for their generous support of projects and needs in our part of the world.


African Pastors' Basket Income

African Pastors' Basket Expense

The African Pastors' basket initiative was introduced at our recent National Conference at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, participants donated $1463.10 towards the initiative. Over time we hope to continue to raise funds to assist Kalengule Kaoma in this project, supporting the African volunteer pastors and their communities.