2019 Festivals

Come and join this annual celebration of our salvation in Jesus Christ as we focus on how we live out the grace of God.  

Caloundra, Queensland (Sept 29th -  Oct 5th)

Venue: The Events Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra QLD

Contact: Bob Regazzoli
Email: caloundra@gci.org.au
Phone: 07 3216 8768

Register Online from July 2019

Want to stay up to date with information about Caloundra festival 2018?​

The best way is with Facebook - it will have the most up to date information. Request that we add you to the GCI Caloundra Festival Facebook.

by  or

• Sending us an email request to Caloundra@gci.org.au Include the correct spelling of your name on Facebook (you must have a Facebook account). or
• Include a note when you return you Festival registration form.
           o We will send you a friend request which you need to confirm.
           o You will then receive Facebook updates as we make them. 

As congregations hosting events provide information, we will update this page.


For all other regions please obtain information
from the appropriate international office.